Health and fitness is the key to a long, active and enjoyable life. It is correctly stated that health is the actual wealth that a person can retain. TrakMD is on the same mission to provide people healthier and happy life by alleviating bitter situations such as repercussions on an inefficient, inaccessible and unsatisfactory healthcare. In this big mission, TrakMD team developed mobile apps to eliminate the distance between doctors and patients. It provide online booking, doctors portal, patient portal, appointment reminders and much more. Apart from all these feature, more features were required to target more users and for that purpose they were looking for a better team. A team who can help them to update their code with latest SDKs and provide them continuous long-term support.

“Great to work with!”

Ibrahim Fakih, Founder TrakMd


To manage & improve such a large scale project, Agile Methodology was adopted. BrainX team added all required features & fixes in a backlog to implement them with respect to their priority. Before any features could be implemented, it was critical to revamp the old & deprecated code with latest tools & frameworks.


BrainX’s development team successfully migrated both patient & doctor Android apps from Eclipse to Android Studio. Team removed all the issues from iOS app to bring it to a stable state & shifted entire code base to latest framework. After code revamp, multiple features were added considering their importance and solution was delivered to consumers.


The app is now used by several users to get a better healthcare. TrakMd is under continuous improvements and is gradually growing to become the leading healthcare solution in Lebanon.