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 In today's world, it is important to stay updated with the latest offerings from the most influential and powerful fashion brands.
A new technology platform was required in the retail fashion industry that will provide the latest trends and products to the users and also deep insights to the brands about their potential customers. With the technology, client wanted to bridge the gap between the brands and their customers in an interactive way. 


 Experts at BrainX took this project as a challenge to provide scalable and robust solution. Before each major stage in the three-part process, we held sessions with the Choosee team. We read documents the team shared and finalized the requirements along with any related questions for discussion and feature prioritization during the sessions. Agile methodology was adopted to provide critical features first and to easily accommodate change when a testing product was provided after each sprint. 


Team at BrainX built an integrated system consisting of mobile apps on both android & iOS platforms. Team crafted an automated scraping algorithm that gathered products from various brands. Dashboard for brands were designed & developed to provide a platform loaded with insights to their customer's activities & a way to communicate with them. The state of the art solution created by the team, automated every step from generating content to bridging the gap between the brands and customers. 
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