Enterprise Product 


Doing quite well in the industry, WorkOf decided to take a step further and create a project management platform where it could help the designers, procurement teams, suppliers, and clients to collaborate so that they could cater to the following steps and set up locations: 
  • Product specifications
  • Product purchase
  • Product Installation
  • Overall maintenance 
  • Budget Management 
  • Timely delivery For the purpose
WorkOf contacted team BrainX to develop the much-needed enterprise platform that is now known as Notch. 


 After having the initial discussion, team BrainX continued to have numerous sessions with WorkOf to decide upon the platform’s scope. For better understanding, we were provided with some elegant designs, then we divided each developmental stage into different phases. 


 Before Notch came into existence, the processes such as building and designing were dealt with separately on different platforms. This thing not only complicated the collaboration process but also delayed the overall project delivery. To solve the prevailing issue, team BrainX created Notch with their extreme precision, vision, proficiency, and unmatchable skills. Our developers created an end-to-end solution that helps to manage various procurement projects for setting up locations in a swift manner. Tech Stack: While creating Notch, developers at BrainX used the following Tech Stack: ROR Postgres Redis JavaScrip Platform’s structure: At Notch, various companies can be added, and each company can add its different projects. Afterward, each designer can create floor plans where they can drag and drop different products to set up the complete floor, products such as Furniture and Lighting Accessories The designers can connect with the suppliers and vendors to get a knowhow of product prices and manage the entire payment and pricing process. The clients also can be added to the list to see the overall plan set up by the designers and can reject or approve the designs in bare minimum time to smooth down the complete process. While being connected with the clients, the designers can also decide upon the delivery time. So, instead of handling all the project management processes via excel sheets, this centralized platform was made to cut down the delivery time to half. 


 The impact of using this platform was huge, as it helped its users with the following: Maintaining Brand Standards Automating Multi-vendor Purchasing Constructing Templates The project delivery and design teams were able to save a total of 70 hours while delivering the overall project. Also, there occurred no issue of miscommunication, as every stakeholder was able to collaborate at a single centralized platform. 
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