Russian Made Easy

E-Learning Platform


Russian Language teaching expert Mark Thomson has taught thousands of people to speak Russian with his various online Russian courses and programs. Mark has created podcasts for learning Russian, specifically for beginners who would like to start speaking and understanding Russian right away. Unique Digital Publishing LLC reached out to BrainX Technologies to provide a solution to make its podcasts easily accessible to its users.
“BrainX Team did a good job. Will work with them again!”

Greg Torkelson, Unique Digital Publishing


BrainX's business team gathered detailed requirements, analyzed their user persona & discussed multiple approaches to cater to user needs. Ultimately, it was decided to go with mobile apps to make the content easily accessible to each user and increase their engagement & learning.


Engineers at BrainX built apps for android & iOS platforms. Each app provides Podcast notes, audio & videos for learning Russian. To make content quickly accessible, some podcast videos are preloaded and others are cached locally while the users are watching them. It also provides exercise material to practice the content learned in each podcast.
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