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American Driver Network is the Internet's largest Driver Specific Network of Websites, Job Boards, Job Postings and Affiliate Employment Websites available in today’s Internet based job market.
ADN team sought to improve engagement with its customers so they reached out to BrainX to build a platform for their jobs magazine. This platform would help the drivers to read magazines on their digital devices and on the other hand would increase the company's subscribers. 
“The team at BrainX Technologies did a great job in helping our organization bring our app to life. From initial concept, to finished product, they were there to help. I highly recommend their services.”

Jim Davis,President American Driver Network


Stakeholders convened on calls to ideate and build product designed to improve ADN's magazine reach to customers. Design team was given the target to create designs that not only aligned with the business branding but also fulfilled the latest design guidelines. 


Trucker’s Digest is an end-to-end solution built by our team which consists of website, apps and a dashboard. Our developers leveraged capabilities in ROR, and SQL Server to deliver robust web services. Android & iOS based apps are a quick way for truck drivers to read & download magazines. The dashboard provides control to ADN team to add new magazine every month, keep track of their customers purchases and manage ads shown in the app.
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