WorkOf team aimed to build a project management platform to help out design & procurement teams to collaborate & manage all of their tasks in one place, including floor plans, writing specs, budgeting & timelines. By providing a highely centralized project management platform. It was targeted to cut down time by almost half for these teams. WorkOf team approached BrainX to develop this enterprise platform.

“ BrainX team is one of the best oversea development team I’ve ever worked with. They are hardworking and have an extreme talent for programming. They were always available despite timezone differences. Can’t wait to continue working with them on future projects.”

James Schuler, CTO WorkOF


BrainX team had numerous sessions with WorkOf team in which ideas were exchanged to finalize the scope of this platform. WorkOf team provided us with elegant designs. In order to review each development step thoroughly, the plan was to move ahead in phases.


It was a competitive task but BrainX team with its vast experience managed to accomplish it without any major hurdle. Our developers leveraged capabilities in ROR, Postgres, Redis and JavaScript to deliver a robust web solution. WorkOf enterprise is a complete project management tool that offers all of the necessary functionality in a single place. It has following key features: - Floor plan uploads - Timeline Tracking - Spec Sheet Generation - Integrated Budgeting - Vendor + Inventory Management system


The built solution created a huge impact on the design team’s project delivery. They were able to save over 70 hours/per project and without any single miscommunication because all of the stakeholders were connected under the same hood.

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