Upgraded Formulas is an online supplements store specializing in Mental Health Hygiene. Seeking to enhance its online presence, the company approached BrainX Technologies via a client referral. 
The primary challenges included theme customization and site speed optimization to provide a seamless user experience while boosting their conversion rates.


Our approach involved a comprehensive analysis of UpgradedFormulas' existing e-commerce infrastructure. Collaborating closely with the client, we gained insights into their brand identity, target audience, and overarching business objectives. We also conducted competitive research to identify industry best practices.
Based on these findings, we devised a holistic strategy to transform UpgradedFormulas' online presence. With the client’s approval, our final strategy encompassed several key elements that we have discussed in the solution section below.


The solution implemented by BrainX Technologies aimed at creating a cohesive and efficient e-commerce platform for UpgradedFormulas. Our team worked diligently to bring the following aspects to life:

1- Shopify OS 2.0 Integration: Ensured the client was utilizing the latest e-commerce technologies to stay competitive.
2- Tailored Theme Customization: We customized the theme to resonate with the client's brand identity while optimizing user experience.
3- Site Speed Optimization: By reducing page load times and optimizing website performance, we enhanced the overall user experience.
4- Hubspot Integration: Seamlessly connected Hubspot with their Shopify store, facilitating improved customer engagement and data management.
5- Telephone Sales Leads Integration: Implemented a system that captured telephone sales leads directly within the Shopify platform through Hubspot integration.
6- Shopping Cart Customization: Enhanced the cart experience, making it more intuitive and conducive to conversions.
7- Quiz Module: Designed and integrated a custom quiz module that engages customers with questions and recommends products via email.



The results achieved by Upgraded Formulas following the implementation of BrainX Technologies' solutions for a year are as follows:

1- Total Sales: Increased by an impressive 36%
2-Conversion Rate: Markedly increased by 10%
3- Returning Customer Rate: Saw a significant uptick of 16%

These results showcase the tangible benefits of BrainX Technologies' expertise in e-commerce development and optimization. We are committed to continuing our support for Upgraded Formulas and ensuring their sustained growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Tools & Technologies

  • Shopify
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Liquid
  • NodeJS

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