Bariatric surgery may become necessary if diet and exercise haven't helped or if you're suffering severe health problems due to your weight. Bariatric surgery involves procedures that make adjustments to your digestive system to help you lose weight. These are some major surgeries and require some pre-op and post-op dietary changes to prepare the human body. 

Baritastic is a mobile app made just to simplify that process for the patients with its unique health tracking options for weight loss. Baritastic as a company was acquired by one of our previous clients named Tespo and was immediately handed over to BrainX for all development-related tasks based on our unparalleled and reliable development services. The task at hand was to revamp and maintain the current version of the mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms



Since this app was initially being handled by another team, BrainX had a big challenge to first set foot in the app’s backend environment. The app was built using the CakePHP frameworks, which were pretty old to manage along with future requirements. In addition to that, there were some UI/UX-related issues that were hampering the experience & overall performance of the product.

Baritastic’s user base was quite large which means a lot of data to be processed. It generally took minutes instead of seconds to get the required response from the backend, therefore optimizing the backend was one of the major technical challenges to be addressed by BrainX. . Therefore, after grabbing all the necessary instructions for Baritastic, a team of expert backend engineers was formed. Later on, our core mobile development team jumped in to ensure sound builds with particular attention to the accuracy of those health tracker APIs.



Our team was focused on turning the old lagging app into a stable health and fitness app that could bring out the most accurate results while actually serving to be a surgery prep app for bariatric surgery patients. Since the previous team didn’t follow the coding standards, our team had no other choice than to revamp the web dashboard from scratch.

Our team managed to take hold of the project within 3-4 months and developed a new and improved dashboard using VUE JS and  PHP Laravel. These new developments resulted in a much better customer experience that included faster processing time and easier new client onboarding.

Other enhancements injected some fantastic features that would allow the patients to lose weight without having much to worry about. The current app contains a range of tracking options, including,

  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Weight Tracking
  • Exercise Tracking
  • Measurement Tracking
  • Assorted Reminders

Besides these tracking options, Baritastic offers added features like Patient Journal (for logging thoughts, taking pictures, and rating hunger & happiness), Newbie Checklists (for staying on task and getting to the surgeries), Bariatric Specific Recipes, and Baritastic Social Support Group.
Nevertheless, now team BrainX is conveniently on the support stage for both their web and mobile app where it’s easier for us to implement any future enhancements and customization.


Baritastic now falls in the top 100 medical apps in the US, with 500,000+ users onboard. Its revenue for the year 2021 totaled a whopping 1 million USD. After this enormous success, Tespo was able to sell it to the pharmaceutical giant Metagenics.

Tools & Technologies

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Java
  • ObjectiveC
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro
  • Vue JS
  • PHP
  • Laravel

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