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HiveInfluence sought to bridge the gap between brands and influencers by developing a web application that facilitates the discovery and management of influencer partnerships. The Hive team partnered with BrainX Technologies to create a platform where brands could search for influencers and view detailed profiles.

Additionally, the platform allows brands to manage influencer relationships using a customizable Kanban board. The goal was to enhance influencer marketing campaigns' overall efficiency and effectiveness for brands and influencers.

Social Platform


BrainX adopted an Agile methodology and divided the project into sprints to focus on user authentication, influencer search, and profile management. We created wireframes and prototypes to ensure an intuitive user interface and refined it through usability testing.

Continuous testing helped us identify and resolve bugs early, while regular feedback ensured the development aligned with HiveInfluence’s vision. Finally, BrainX implemented continuous deployment (CD) pipelines using Jenkins to automate testing and deployment for rapid and reliable delivery of updates.

Social Platform


BrainX offered the following advanced technical solutions for HiveInfluence to streamline influencer marketing:

  • A search engine with extensive filters helps find influencers based on engagement rates, follower demographics, and content specifics.
  • Detailed profile pages for influencers represent graphical data of their social media performance, which could be exported as PDF reports.
  • A customizable Kanban board with a React DnD library allows brands to manage their selected influencers and track campaign progress visually.
  • Using MongoDB provides flexibility and scalability in handling large datasets.
  • The dynamic boards' feature lets users create, edit, and manage boards & columns, search & filter influencers, export data, and rearrange items intuitively.
  • The Plan & Billing section lets users view their current plan and renewal date, check their billing history, cancel their plan with confirmation, and download invoices.
  • The influencers page lets users search, filter, and manage influencers across social media with detailed cards for comprehensive information and actions.
  • The notes section lets users add, edit & delete notes via dropdown, and download a PDF report.

Social Platform


The HiveInfluence platform has significantly enhanced the efficiency of connecting brands with the right influencers and have the following impacts:

  • The advanced search engine with extensive filters saves time and effort.
  • Comprehensive profile pages allow users to make data-driven decisions.
  • The customizable Kanban board allows brands to manage influencers and track campaign progress visually.
  • A robust authentication system enhances trust and security.
  • Clear visibility of current plans ensures transparency and ease of financial management.
  • Efficient credit management encourages users to manage their credits wisely.
  • Users can optimize influencer marketing by easily searching, filtering, and managing influencers with detailed info and actions.

Tools & Technologies

  • React
  • Git
  • AWS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ROR

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