Kelp, an up and coming fintech startup, recognized the growing need for a user-friendly investment app that empowers individuals to manage their portfolios autonomously while offering self-custody for enhanced financial freedom.

Team Kelp sought the expertise of BrainX Technologies to leverage blockchain technology and develop a cutting-edge solution that could revolutionize the investment landscape.



BrainX Technologies embarked on a comprehensive collaboration with Kelp to design and implement an innovative investment app that would harness the potential of blockchain and smart contracts.

The team at BrainX meticulously analyzed Kelp's requirements, taking into account their unique approach to investing. Kelp’s key focus areas included algorithmic signaling, disciplined strategies, circuit breakers, machine learning integration, and continuous backtesting.



To bring Kelp's vision to life, BrainX Technologies employed a range of technologies and frameworks. The development process revolved around creating a robust and secure ecosystem that facilitated seamless investment management.

The following components were instrumental in the successful execution of the project:

1- Smart Contract Development
BrainX leveraged their expertise in solidity to create the foundational building blocks of Kelp's investment platform. Smart contracts were implemented to ensure transparent and tamper-proof execution of investment transactions.

2- Tokenization
BrainX facilitated the tokenization process, enabling Kelp to issue their own cryptocurrency tokens. This allowed users to invest in the app's ecosystem, contributing to its growth and sustainability while providing added value to token holders.

3- Developing Crowdsale Contract
To support Kelp's funding needs and enable a streamlined investment mechanism, BrainX developed a crowdsale contract. This contract empowered Kelp to privately conduct token sales to interested investors, providing them with an opportunity to participate in the platform's growth from the early stages.

To achieve the vision of a robust and user-friendly investment app for Kelp, BrainX Technologies employed Solidity, for developing smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), NodeJS and ReactJS.



The collaboration between BrainX Technologies and Kelp resulted in the successful development and deployment of a blockchain-powered investment app that revolutionized the way individuals manage their portfolios. The impact of the provided solution can be summarized as follows:

  • Empowered Autonomy
    Kelp's investment app empowered everyday users to autonomously manage their investment portfolios.
  • Enhanced Financial Opportunities
    Through the app's integration with hedge fund algorithms and pre-built strategies, users gained access to a wide range of investment opportunities.
  • Decentralized Self-Custody
    Kelp's commitment to decentralization aligned perfectly with BrainX's expertise in blockchain technology. The app's self-custody feature ensured that users had full control over their assets, promoting true financial freedom and eliminating the need for intermediaries.
    Building upon the success of the initial collaboration, BrainX Technologies and Kelp have outlined the following future plans:
  • Vesting Contract
    BrainX will be developing a vesting contract that facilitates the fair distribution of tokens among organizations, developers, and other stakeholders. Such a contract will promote a balanced token distribution strategy, ensuring long-term sustainability for Kelp's ecosystem.
  • Single Asset Liquidity Pool
    To further enhance the app's functionality and liquidity, BrainX will work on the development of a single asset liquidity pool. It will enable users to easily trade and exchange their assets within the Kelp ecosystem, fostering a dynamic and vibrant investment community.
  • Bridging BSC to Ethereum
    With BrainX Technologies help, Kelp intends to bridge Binance Smart Chain to the Ethereum network in the future. It will provide users with an additional option when it comes to managing their assets and investments.

Tools & Technologies

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Solidity
  • Mongo DB
  • ExpressJS

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