MOHE BioTech, a leading company based in Switzerland, faced difficulties with their existing app, stemming from inaccurate results, deprecated iOS apps, and data loss. The MOHE team partnered with BrainX for a unique opportunity to transform health testing and monitoring.

MOHE sought BrainX’s expertise in technology and innovation to revamp their existing iOS app and create an Android counterpart from scratch. Our team collaborated with the MOHE team to design and develop their Android and iOS apps to integrate their portable, wireless μTest devices for standardized testing and error-free health monitoring.



BrainX followed agile methodology and started working in sprints. The first challenge was to prepare the documentation for their existing iOS app and update it. Besides that, a new Android app was built and integrated with their μReader device. After this step, we moved towards updating the screens and developing the apps from scratch.

Our process started with a comprehensive technical evaluation, user experience analysis, codebase audit, security assessment, and testing strategy. Multiple meetings with the client resulted in real-time feedback and access to the device for effective integration with the new apps. The client formally signed off on the contract, marking the initiation of the development phase with version control systems, continuous integration, and testing for optimal code quality and deployment efficiency.



MOHE introduced an all-in-one μTest device that analyzes up to 12 health indicators simultaneously, perfect for quick testing at home or while traveling. It provides speedy, accurate results, facilitates prompt decision-making, and securely stores a user’s family's health data.

BrainX ensured effective measurement management, device connectivity, firmware updates, and settings customization. Our team worked with the MOHE team to design and develop a solution involving iOS & Android apps and a web-based data lab while offering the following technical solutions:

1- Latest Tech Approaches : We implemented modern UI components and material design principles to enhance the app's usability. Our team utilized Swift 5.8 for iOS and Kotlin with Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture for Android counterpart to build robust apps that can support a growing user base & data load while staying responsive.
2- Data Management : The BrainX team ensured seamless data management with CoreData for updating iOS and Room Database for a new Android app to store medical records.
3- Efficient Data Synchronization: We enhanced health data sharing capabilities by enabling smooth data synchronization through Retrofit.
4- Prompt Issue Identification : We incorporated Firebase Crashlytics for swift identification and resolution of stability issues.
5- Efficient Development :  The implementation of dependency injection with Dagger-Hilt and data binding with ViewBinding & DataBinding streamlined the development process for the MOHE app. This approach led to faster development cycles and easier maintenance of the apps.
6- Compliant Backend:  The BrainX team incorporated best practices for data encryption, access control, and data anonymization. We ensure that patient records are protected from unauthorized access and comply with regulatory requirements.
7- Separate Build Configurations :  We integrated separate build configurations for the existing iOS and the new Android counterpart into the development process. The purpose was to ensure specific settings for different development, testing, and deployment environments.



The BrainX team provided solutions that aligned with the client’s needs and made significant impacts by:

  • Making the app more intuitive and engaging for individuals to test and monitor their health.
  • Ensuring smooth data synchronization and faster response times.
  • Enabling the app to handle a growing user base and increased data load.
  • Streamlining the development process, making MOHE more efficient and easier to maintain.

Tools & Technologies

  • IOS
  • Figma
  • Git
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • AWS

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