On-Demand Services


House chores are the working class's most challenging part of the day. A study shows women under employment spend almost double the amount of time on household chores compared to their male counterparts.

Let's ignore the routine chores. There is still tons of other work to be done around the house. All you need is a trusted handyman, but how to find one?

Following this train of thought, a system was required that allows you to call for a reliable person to take care of your plumbing, gardening, or house cleaning needs, etc.

Thus, Yellper came into form and BrainX was contacted to figure out all things necessary to make this project work. Our team moved forward with a pairing of web & mobile apps to put this platform together.

On-Demand Services


The specifications of such a complex project take a lot of work to tie down. However, Team BrainX ultimately settled on the requirements after conducting numerous meetings with all pertinent stakeholders.

After the discovery phase, once everyone agreed upon the designs of the complete system, we started delivering the product while applying the Agile methodology. With each sprint’s end, a product was handed over for testing and getting feedback.

On-Demand Services


It was a fresh start for the platform, so Team BrainX worked on everything from scratch. A highly interactive user interface was designed to allow anyone to use the app conveniently on their mobile device.

Two mobile apps were rolled out. One for Android using Kotlin and another for iOS developed through Swift. While the web app, used for gaining admin control of the mobile apps, was programmed with the MERN stack.

The handyman service-providing app is packed with all the necessary features, such as:

  • Vendor & Customer Profiles
  • Available Jobs
  • Job Categories (for easy browsing)
  • In-app Payments (create invoices & pay charges within the app)
  • In-app Messaging
  • Vendor & Customer Reviews (and more)

On-Demand Services


Online job portals and freelance hiring websites are a dime a dozen today. However, Yellper set out to help the people troubled with juggling household chores and their work. 

Nothing is more precious than some leisure time after a long shift on the job, and the app has made it possible for hard-working people to do just that. 

Given its usefulness, the Yellper app is in high demand currently. At the same time, it's predicted to remain equally coveted for the foreseeable future.

Tools & Technologies

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB

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