A leading construction company based in Toronto faced challenges in managing its workforce efficiently and accurately.

The manual and disparate systems for logging hours, tracking jobs, and handling financial records led to inefficiencies, errors, and a lack of real-time insights.

The company recognized the need for a comprehensive workforce management system and partnered with BrainX to design and develop CORE.



BrainX undertook the development of the CORE platform, employing a user-centered approach for automating and displaying time logging, job management, financial details, and certifications. We incorporated agile methodology to get real-time client feedback. The BrainX team had collaborative sessions with the CORE team during the discovery phase to understand their existing business processes and ensure an impactful digital transformation with our solution.

The prototypes were refined and shared with the client using wireframing tools and design systems, ensuring a user-friendly interface. The client formally signed off on the contract, marking the initiation of the development phase with version control systems, continuous integration, and automated testing for optimal code quality and deployment efficiency.



CORE is a paperless solution built using the MERN stack for efficient team management. Dedicated dashboards for workers, team leaders, and administrators were meticulously developed by BrainX using responsive design principles and ensuring cross-browser compatibility.

  • Time Tracking: The system allowed workers to seamlessly log hours, select jobs, and add descriptions with pause/clock-out features.
  • Team Management Automation: Enabled team leaders to log hours for team members, add new workers to jobs with their names, and streamline team-related processes.
  • Record Details and Editing: Provided a detailed breakdown of logged hours in the worker’s dashboard and allowed them to edit entries.
  • Jobs Overview: Workers can see detailed information about assigned jobs, their work durations, and payout amounts.
  • Unified Dashboard: Developed a centralized dashboard for admins, consolidating critical information on jobs, teams, users, and due amounts.
  • Job Management: Facilitated job creation, editing, and deletion with a job management feature for making job-relevant data accessible to the admin.
  • Certificates Management Section: The admin can assign certificates by selecting names from the dropdown menu and uploading a JPEG, PNG, or PDF format of certificates.
    Advanced Payroll Management: Streamlined payroll processing with features like payment rule configuration, daily logs, and clear dues options.



The efficient development and successful deployment of a web-responsive platform for CORE set the stage for streamlined operations, and enhanced transparency of the company. It also improved the productivity of their workers and resulted in:

1- Increased Automation: The introduction of automated time tracking and job management processes reduced manual efforts and errors.

2- Enhanced User Transparency: Specified dashboards for different user types improved communication and transparency within the workforce.

3- Precision in Payroll Processing: The streamlined payroll management system ensured accurate and timely payments, minimizing discrepancies.

4- Adherence to Compliance Standards: The certification management system enhanced tracking and validation of worker certifications, ensuring compliance.

5- Cost-Efficiency: Reduction in manual errors and efforts led to cost savings, contributing to increased profitability in construction projects.

6- Future Scalability: Its robust architecture and versatile, user-friendly features make it a scalable solution. The CORE team wants to use it as a product and commercialize it for various industries.

Tools & Technologies

  • Figma
  • ReactJS
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Git
  • Firebase
  • AWS
  • HTML
  • CSS

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