Non-adherence to medication claims the lives of about 125,000 people each year. Medesto was created to address this medicine adherence issue, saving lives and improving health outcomes. The project “Medesto” is an evolved form of an earlier solution named Tespo. Tespo's integrated, in-home technology has helped reinvent the vitamin by introducing a new category of nutritional supplements.

At the touch of a button, Tespo's patent-pending customized Pods and WiFi-connected vitamin dispenser delivered a personalized liquid vita-shot. This whole system was connected to a smartphone app that helped track every intake of the patient. As a consequence, people were able to take their vitamins on a regular basis, track their progress, and obtain better results.



On the product side, there was a concern that some vita-shots tasted so bitter that the patients were unable to engulf them. So, the need for Medesto arose. In this new solution, the concept was almost the same, but they pivoted the liquid part back to pills (but the ones that could easily be swallowed). Pods and dispensers would give out these pills, and the app would track the patient's adherence.

So, Team BrainX, on the basis of their previous great performance, was given the task of revamping the mobile app & dashboard as per the new product model. Thus, without letting a moment slip, Team BrainX collected all the requirements thoroughly, and a team of our seasoned mobile & web app developers was assigned to the project.

Medesto's design team provided us with their latest designs and then our core mobile development team went in to successfully implement those designs while ensuring that all builds were solid, paying particular attention to the accuracy of the adherence tracker APIs.



Our team had the challenge of shifting the vita-shot model to a pill intake model altogether. More so, with the new app coming up, it required some enhanced features as well. Our team, as always, gave in their best efforts and was successful in creating a multi-featured app that can revolutionize the way people take their medication. 

Here are some notable features that we successfully delivered:

  • Patients can check real-time data for medication adherence and overall health
  • Health trackers like Fitbit can be linked with the app
  • A patient can add Caregivers, Physicians, and other fellow patients to their profile to help monitor and improve medication adherence behavior
  • In-app and Push Notifications for reminders and follow-up schedules
Features on the Admin Dashboard:
  • A thorough listing of all the patients
  • Patient grouping on the basis of commonalities
  • Adherence data of all the patients

Nonetheless, BrainX is continuously developing new features for the Medesto app & dashboard, making the system more robust & useful for both patients & pharmacies.


As per public statistics, medication adherence is roughly 50% for those with numerous chronic illnesses. Around 45 percent of people may not properly comprehend how to take their prescription, while another 20% encounter negative effects and discontinue use. 

However, Medesto is now proudly helping people simplify these medication adherence problems. According to internal research, the Medesto Health Platform increased prescription adherence by 40% by sending reminders to platform users and enabling the participation of caregivers.

Tools & Technologies

  • IOS
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro
  • PHP
  • VueJS
  • Laravel

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