Industries We Transform with Custom Software Development Services

BrainX Technologies provides custom software development services to businesses across diverse sectors, helping them create their desired digital products.

  • Healthcare

    We revolutionize patient care and streamline medical workflows with our custom software development to build:

    • Telemedicine & Remote Patient
    • Monitoring Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
    • Health & Wellness Apps

  • Social Networking

    BrainX allows people to connect and establish various communities through:

    • Stories
    • Personal & Group Chats
    • Post Sharing

  • Education

    Improving the learning experience with immersive EdTech solutions that cater to the needs of modern learners with:

    • Personalized E-learning platforms Learning
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • Simulations and Virtual Laboratories

  • Real Estate

    We simplify property management and sales procedures with smart, data-driven solutions like:

    • Real Estate CRM
    • Online Real Estate Marketplaces
    • Property Management System

  • Lifestyle

    BrainX helps create lifestyle apps that adapt to the requirements and preferences of users, improving their daily lives, such as:

    • Meditation & Mindfulness Apps
    • Online Fashion & Shopping Magazines
    • Home Automation Systems

  • E-commerce

    Increasing online sales and improving consumer experience using seamless, feature-rich eCommerce platforms that include:

    • Shopify Stores
    • Custom Development
    • WooCommerce Websites

IndustriesWe Combine IT Skills with Industry Expertise for Maximum Impact

  • Comprehensive Business Analysis

    The Industry expertise of our IT specialists allows us to comprehend in detail the distinctive challenges and requirements of your particular industry, enabling the development of targeted solutions.

  • Streamlined Development Processes

    Team BrainX foresees probable hurdles, prioritizes activities and optimizes development workflows with our extensive industry knowledge, resulting in efficient project execution across the board.

  • Improved Regulatory Compliance

    With our expertise in various industries, you get IT experts that can build software solutions complying with industry-specific standards and guidelines, reducing risks and ensuring smooth operation.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    A thorough grasp of industry-specific customer expectations and preferences enables our IT teams to provide customized user experiences that meet the demands of your target audience.

  • Getting A Competitive Advantage

    Leveraging their industry expertise, our specialists are able to create new software solutions that stand out in the market, giving your firm a competitive edge in the industry.

  • Scalable & Future-proof Solutions

    Our industry-experienced IT teams create software solutions that not only meet current requirements but also adapt to future industry trends and technological advancements.

Work With UsOur Portfolio



BrainX developed CORE, a MERN stack-based workforce management system for a Toronto construction company, automating time logging, job tracking, and payroll management. It enhances transparency, reduces errors, and ensures compliance, increasing productivity and cost-efficiency. CORE's scalability enables future commercialization for diverse industries.



BrainX collaborated with MOHE BioTech to overhaul their eHealth screening platform, addressing issues with accuracy and data loss. Employing modern UI components and robust data management, BrainX developed iOS and Android apps integrated with μTest devices for streamlined health monitoring. The solution enhances user experience, data synchronization, and scalability, optimizing MOHE's efficiency and maintenance.

Auto & Vehicle

Second Hand Car Dealership

BrainX transformed the second-hand car dealership sector with comprehensive Android and iOS apps built for Team SHCD. Seamlessly integrated with Xero, the apps streamline tax, payment, and inventory tracking. Featuring user-friendly interfaces and secure transactions, they enhance operational efficiency and data security while fostering collaboration among owners, dealers, and staff.



iinputs significantly turned the tides for the farmers' community and started generating revenue in the first year of its launch. Farmers experienced an average increase in their income due to fairer pricing and reduced commission fees. While buyers gained access to a broader range of fresh, locally sourced products. The platform generated new jobs in rural communities, supporting local economies.


Work Ready Mobile

Work Ready Mobile has revolutionized adult basic education, making it more approachable and manageable for schools and students. BrainX developed this smart solution to increase student’s retention and success rate in completing study programs at any age.



Yellper is a handyperson services app that provides different vendors for any kind of help its patrons need around the house. However, the platform wasn’t realized until they brought in BrainX to produce a complete solution. Two mobile (Android & iOS) apps and one web app later, everything is looking up for Yellper and its users.



Team BrainX redesigned Wellnesse, an e-commerce platform for personal care products, to improve user experience and conversion. Following its profound success among customers, the e-store continues to receive ongoing content management and tech support from a dedicated team of Shopify developers at BrainX.



BrainX collaborated with CORD to build a comprehensive career mapping platform using the latest design and development techniques. The solution streamlined career pathway management, offering an intuitive interface for data input, visualization, and user management. Seamless communication and robust reporting capabilities helped organizations enhance efficiency and decision-making for better career planning.



Just Thrive, a health products provider, sought BrainX Technologies to enhance their Shopify store. BrainX focused on UI/UX, custom app development, sales funnel optimization, site speed, theme customization, and custom discounting logic. The collaboration improved user engagement and boosted sales, furthering Just Thrive's mission of promoting healthier lives.


Upgraded Formulas

Upgraded Formulas, an online supplements store specializing in Mental Health Hygiene, enlisted BrainX Technologies to enhance its online presence and address key challenges.

Our team’s approach involved a thorough analysis of the existing infrastructure, brand identity, target audience, and business goals, along with competitive research.

Unlock Your Industry's Potential with Custom Software DevelopmentPartner with BrainX, a development firm adept at identifying your industry's challenges and crafting tailored solutions to fuel your growth.

Our ClientsFrom across the globe, organizations entrust our exceptional services to achieve their goals.

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“BrainX Technology has been instrumental in delivering quality mobile SDKs in a very short time frame. Their team is responsive at all hours of the day- willing to address new issues and bugs almost instantly. Along with engineering, they have their own testing, design, and QA which makes BrainX a product manager’s dream.”

Peter Johnson
Product Manager, Kustomer

“BrainX performed exceptionally well. Our project was bogged down due to another agent and they continually stepped up to do their part well and on time, even supporting the other parts of the development that was not part of their contract. We would absolutely hire them again.”

Gail Schenbaum
CEO, Umergency

“BrainX is Excellent to work with. Always on time, keeps communication to make sure everything is done correctly the first time. It has been an excellent opportunity to work with BrainX.”

Fredy Edison
CEO, Drive Mouse

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