WorkOf, a successful eCommerce store specializing in furniture, lighting, and accessories, wanted to enhance its offerings by creating a project management platform. To achieve this, WorkOf partnered with BrainX to develop the enterprise platform now known as Notch.

The goal was to facilitate designers, procurement teams, suppliers, and clients to streamline product specifications, purchase, installation, budget management, and timely delivery. Notch helps customers connect with skilled designers for tailored furniture solutions, providing greater ease and efficiency.



BrainX adopted a collaborative approach, starting with extensive discussions with WorkOf to define the platform’s scope. Guided by elegant design prototypes, the development was divided into phases for systematic progress and continuous feedback.

Regular testing and stakeholder input ensured alignment with WorkOf’s vision, resulting in an intuitive and efficient project management solution.



Before Notch, processes like building and designing were handled separately on different platforms, complicating collaboration and delaying project delivery. BrainX created Notch to replace Excel sheets, halving delivery times and improving project management with these features:

  • A centralized platform unified various procurement projects into one platform, simplifying collaboration among users.
  • End-to-end management enabled users to manage everything from product specifications to installation and maintenance within a single tool.
  • The user-friendly interface allowed designers to create floor plans easily by dragging and dropping products such as furniture, lighting, and accessories.
  • Real-time collaboration facilitated connections between designers, suppliers, and vendors for up-to-date product pricing and procurement.
  • Adding clients to the lists enabled them to quickly review, approve, or reject designs, enhancing communication and reducing delays.



The impacts of using Notch were huge, as it helped its users with the following:

  • The design and project delivery team saved 40 hours on the overall project.
  • Automating multi-vendor purchasing simplified procurement and reduced manual errors.
  • Ensured consistency across all projects by standardizing processes and templates.
  • Provided reusable templates to streamline project setup and execution.
  • The centralized platform eliminated miscommunication among stakeholders.

Tools & Technologies

  • ROR
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • Git

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