Cravve LLC recognized the need for a platform that would allow food influencers and foodies to support local restaurants while discovering new and exciting places to eat. After deploying their iOS app, team Cravve approached BrainX Technologies to develop an Android version. 

The primary goal for developing the new app was enabling the vast number of Android users to collaborate with local food businesses and restaurants, share food reviews with photos, and connect with other foodies in their area.


BrainX Technologies took a user-centered approach to designing the Cravve app. Our team conducted extensive research into the needs and preferences of food influencers, local restaurants, and foodies to understand what features and functionalities would be most useful to them. 

Based on our research, we proposed a set of features that would help users find and promote local restaurants while connecting with other foodies in their vicinity. After various meetings with Team Cravve, we finalized the designs and features and moved to the development phase after their approval. 


The Cravve app is a comprehensive solution that brings food influencers, local restaurants, and foodies under one umbrella. Some of the Android app’s key features include:

  • Filtered Search for Finding Food Places: Users can view search results for local restaurants and food places with a map view based on their location, cuisine, and other preferences.
  • Uploading & Editing Pictures: The app allows its users to upload pictures from various sources such as their phone library and Instagram account. Users can even add filters and do basic editing within the app.  
  • In-App Video Trimming: Users can trim videos of their food reviews and dishes within the app before posting them on their social media profiles.
  • Search Tags: Users can use search tags to filter through different categories of food, restaurants, and dishes.
  • Rewards & Sponsorships: Users can earn rewards, discounts, and sponsorships by collaborating with local restaurants, creating content, and promoting them to their followers.
  • Promoting Dishes from Restaurant Profiles: Restaurants can promote their best dishes through their profiles and connect with foodies in their locality.
  • Leaving Reviews with Pictures: Users can leave reviews with pictures of their favorite dishes and restaurants.
  • Uploading Stories: Users can upload stories directly to the app, making it easy to share their food experiences with other users.



The Cravve app has had a significant impact on the food industry by connecting food influencers, local restaurants, and foodies in a single platform. Since its launch, the app is constantly helping local restaurants grow their business by promoting their dishes to food influencers and their followers.

 The app has shown clear benefits for businesses, food influencers and foodies, through:

  • Increased visibility and sales for local restaurants.
  • New opportunities for food influencers and foodies to discover and promote local restaurants.
  • A user-friendly platform for sharing food reviews, photos, and videos.

Tools & Technologies

  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro
  • Retrofit

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