Family physicians are a thing of the past. In contrast, emergency rooms or specialists are now the go-to for medical care. Visits to all these places lead to a heap of medical records, making organizing and storing them an incredible hassle.

That’s why Priority AG started ideating a unique platform Blutwerte, translated as Blood values, to help digitize anyone’s medical records securely and anonymously. So, the next time you or one of your family members visit the doctor, you don’t have to fret over finding, carrying, or misplacing old healthcare records.

Another vision for the platform was to help you track your health records and notify whether you or your loved ones are in proper shape. Upon finding any deviation in the blood values, you will receive an evaluation of the issue and how it might have occurred.
Given the project's scope, Priority AG understood they required a mobile and web app to make the platform functional.



The BrainX team worked hand in hand with Priority AG to develop the Blutwerte platform from scratch. Key stakeholders carried out numerous meetings. The client shared respective documents, and requirements were agreed upon after reviewing them.

According to our company practices, Agile methodology was adopted to set milestones. So, the product was delivered in sprints. The client tested the provided application at each sprint’s end and gave feedback for any improvements.



The BrainX team designed an interactive user interface for their mobile app with the target audience of 18-55 in mind, utilizing the latest SwiftUI and native iOS frameworks. The web app, which serves as an Admin Panel, was built with the MERN stack to ensure scalability.

The promise of anonymity is upheld without the need for user login. The app implements secure storage mechanisms to ensure that no personal information is collected or stored from users, even during in-app uploads. Medical records can be added without the need for users to reveal any personal information about themselves or others.

Users have the option to provide blood values through manual entry or by uploading an image or PDF file. The uploaded files are only temporarily stored during the digitization process and are promptly removed from the backend servers. Only the blood values are used to monitor a user's health and are securely stored locally on their device. 

The mobile app features include the following:

  • Profile creation for friends and family (1-5 profiles for a single user/phone)
  • Adding lab reports 
  • Setting biomarkers and their units to keep track of the blood values
  • Getting blood value evaluations for different profiles
  • Viewing biomarker progression charts
  • Encyclopedia for viewing information on biomarkers 
  • Dictionary to look up medical terms 
  • Multi-Language support for German and English
The app only requires the correct age and gender to maintain a reference range of biomarkers for any profile.


Health garners the utmost attention from parents. Now with the app, parents maintain their children’s medical records in one place for consultations or day-to-day monitoring.

Generally, most users are trying to utilize the app to monitor their blood values and keep their health concerns in check. It’s not wrong to say Blutwerte helps save and improve people’s lives– daily. 

In the next stage of development, the app might let users easily consult with different clinics or healthcare providers for quick advice. Another feature to be excited about, in future versions, is the app's ability to provide dynamic suggestions.

Tools & Technologies

  • iOS
  • React JS
  • NodeJS
  • XD
  • Express JS
  • Miro
  • Swift
  • MongoDB

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