Drive Mouse, Inc., a forward-thinking company, recognized the growing need for car dealerships and sales teams to efficiently manage their client interactions in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Our client identified the opportunity to develop an all-in-one communication tool that would streamline and enhance the connection between car dealership companies and their clients.

BrainX Technologies was approached by Drive Mouse, Inc. to develop a powerful, user-friendly Customer Relationship Management platform that would meet all of their business needs.



BrainX Technologies worked closely with team Drive Mouse to understand their vision and the specific requirements for the ClientDex app. Our team took a holistic approach, focusing on an intuitive user experience, visually appealing design, and robust functionality. To ensure a seamless and efficient development process, we employed Agile methodology, enabling our UI/UX designers and product developers to collaborate effectively and adapt to evolving requirements.
Through iterative cycles of planning, design, development, and testing, our team was able to quickly respond to changes and incorporate feedback from Drive Mouse, Inc. Our approach allowed us to maintain a constant focus on the end-users' needs and the overall quality of the ClientDex app, leading to a tailored solution that met the demands of the target audience.


BrainX Technologies delivered a comprehensive solution with the ClientDex app, offering a modern design and powerful tools that cater to the needs of businesses and sales teams. 

The CRM app enables users to store customer data, make and receive calls, send and receive SMS & MMS, and even collect payments when deemed necessary. Team BrainX has designed and developed the app for both iOS and Android platforms, as well as a web version for increased accessibility. 

The core functionalities of the ClientDex app encompass:

  • Creating a Showroom: Users with an Admin account can create their car showroom.
  • Four dashboards: Separate dashboards for the Super Admin, Manager(s), Salespersons (employees), and Organization.
  • Intuitive client list management: Allows users to add a client, delete a client record, search for clients using their names and numbers, and edit client information.
  • Efficient note creation: Enables users to quickly create and manage notes for every client.
  • Dedicated data drive: Facilitates the addition of photos and files to enhance communication and record-keeping for each client.
  • Chat functionality: Streamlines real-time text communication between users and clients from within the app to actual phone numbers.
  • Calls and voicemail management: Users can make and receive calls, and handle voicemails with in-app support for real phone numbers.
  • Detailed communication statistics: Provides insights into call, SMS, and MMS data, helping users analyze and optimize their communication efforts.
  • Business cards: Users can create and edit their own business cards to share it with their clients through email, text or a virtual link.

These features were designed using industry-leading tools, such as Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator, to ensure a high-quality user experience.


The collaboration between Team BrainX and Team Drive Mouse resulted in the successful launch of the ClientDex app that has quickly gained traction among auto dealership businesses and their sales teams. 

The app's versatile features and user-friendly interface have enabled users to effectively manage client interactions, improving overall productivity and strengthening client relationships. 

The positive feedback and growing user base indicate the significant impact the ClientDex app has had in addressing the communication challenges faced by modern businesses. As a result, BrainX Technologies and Drive Mouse, Inc. have built a lasting partnership, continuing for over 3 years, committed to delivering exceptional products that cater to the evolving needs of their customers.

Tools & Technologies

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro
  • ROR

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