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Social media and online content have transformed local news, offering speed and accessibility while spreading misinformation. Enpak presented an opportunity to BrainX to bridge this gap. Enpak's existing mobile apps suffered from numerous broken features and inconsistencies, leading to a subpar user experience.

The app's rushed launch intensified these issues, prompting the client to seek a rapid solution. Collaborating with BrainX, Enpak aimed to swiftly revamp its app to address these challenges and deliver a superior user experience. Leveraging the client's existing designs, the BrainX team just had 1 month to test, develop, and deploy the app effectively to perform well on Android and iOS platforms.

News & Health


Initially, BrainX’s QA team conducted thorough testing to identify issues in Enpak’s existing app. Then we performed a detailed analysis of the app’s existing codebases. Based on the insights gained from quality testing and code analysis, we recommended rebuilding the system from scratch to ensure optimal performance and robustness.
Collaboration between the BrainX team and Enpak's in-house designer provided invaluable insights into the app's design requirements. BrainX adopted an Agile methodology for iterative development to address issues and refine the app's features based on user input.

News & Health


BrainX built Enpak with Flutter for cross-platform efficiency and ensured a robust app with the following features:

1. Added local news, world, and trending categories for news.
2. Implemented an automatic weather display widget based on the user's location.
3. Enhanced the app's functionality by adding a location-based news display.
4. Integrated notifications feature to keep users informed about in-app interactions and content moderation.
5. Automated scraping for news updates, providing direct access to external articles from the home screen.
6. Provided a guest mode and an in-app login & verification feature in the journalist’s panel for user authentication & journalist management.
7. Integrated an impact meter for journalists to determine the type of content they are posting.

News & Health


The solutions implemented by BrainX have significantly benefited both local journalists and Enpak app users in the following ways:

  • Newly designed apps provide a better user experience & instant access to the local news.
  • The revamped app achieved cross-platform compatibility that broadened its audience and enhanced user accessibility.
  • Implementing the verification feature allowed verified journalists to join the platform, reducing the risk of spreading fake news.
  • The Enpak app enabled local journalists to engage with a targeted audience on a significant scale.
  • Location-based news displays helped users to swiftly access and respond to the latest news relevant to their area.
  • The UI/UX enhancements implemented by BrainX led to intuitive navigation, visually appealing interfaces, and enhanced functionality ensuring a better user experience.
  • BrainX's agile approach facilitated rapid development and deployment of the revamped app, ensuring minimal downtime and a seamless experience for Enpak users.

Tools & Technologies

  • IOS
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • AWS
  • Flutter
  • Pusher
  • Firebase

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