Cycling up or down a scenic mountain route may appeal to many adventure seekers. It’s just that any minor mishap can lead to disastrous–even life-threatening consequences. Being mindful of such occurrences, Skillion, a long-time creator of eBikes, thought of connecting and securing a fleet of bikes in Australia. 

So, after acquiring funds from the USA in 2019, the HAWKeye project was finally initiated. After a comprehensive market analysis, Skillion engaged BrainX to make their connected dashboard mobile app a reality.


Initially, team BrainX was contacted through a series of emails. Once the project started taking shape, verbal communication increased between team members from both sides. The app requirements and specifications were established after numerous detailed meetings.

The Hawkeye app designs and prototypes were built, exchanged, and finalized soon after. Once the development started, a working product was delivered after each sprint as our company adopted the Agile methodology to see the project through.



The app was supposed to help riders enjoy their biking experience and keep track of their rides. So, one of the biggest challenges in developing a connected dashboard app for bikes was ensuring that it’s easy to use while on the go.

Many existing apps are difficult to read or operate while riding, and they can be disconnected from other apps and the bike itself. So, to overcome these issues, the app uses modes to allow riders to quickly switch between various screens at the touch of a button.

The key innovation in the app is the IF module and Thumb Controller that connect to the eBike motor and the phone via Bluetooth. Once connected, riders can control their bikes and access the app's features without looking down at their phone, improving their situational awareness and safety.

The app offers several other unique features, such as:

  • Find-a-bike feature: Allows riders to see the location of other bikes using the app, and it’s handy when riding with others.
  • Flash messaging: Riders can quickly send messages to other users on the app using this feature.
  • The Hawkeye rear camera feature: Uses AI to detect vehicles approaching from behind the rider.
  • Tours: A feature that allows riders to follow a scenic route from one point to another.



After successfully providing bike security and improving the user experience for riders with its iOS app, Skillion Inc. is ready to take on the Android side of the market with the help of team BrainX. While you’re reading this, Android users are pre-ordering the latest Hawkeye app along with its provided equipment to get early access.

Tools & Technologies

  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro
  • Retrofit

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