Coldwell Banker Select is one of Oklahoma's leading Real Estate companies that houses thousands of real estate agents. As a fast-expanding company, CBS faced trouble with its agent onboarding processes. Most of the company's onboarding operations, like welcome messages, sales scripts, case history documents, property ownership documents, official letters, and training material were being shared in an unstandardized way, i.e., via personal emails, online chatting apps, etc.

So, they came up with an idea to build a mobile application that could simplify and standardize the onboarding and communication process while also serving as a coaching/learning and development platform. This is where the excellence of BrainX came in, and we were given the task of breathing life into this idea.


Since this was a new idea and the client needed a custom platform built from scratch, the biggest challenge for us was to grasp the whole concept thoroughly and not miss any essential attributes. For that purpose, a series of in-depth calls took place where we keenly asked critical questions, analyzed the exact need of their system, and then moved towards devising a plausible application structure that could serve its purpose.

Basically, LevelUp was required to be used as a real estate agent management and tracking application. The client needed it to be a centralized portal where they could onboard and coach their agents while also tracking their learning progress and overall work performance. Thus, Team BrainX dedicated its best design and development resources to the project and hopped on for work without wasting a moment.



After putting their optimum efforts and keeping in mind the precise requirements of Coldwell Banker Select, our development gurus successfully created a platform that lived up to its name. A fully functional and ready-to-use app was created that was available for web and mobile users. For the web app, the Ruby-On-Rails framework was used. While for the mobile apps, iOS and Android frameworks were used.
The final product included the following main features:
  • Agent Onboarding
  • Agent Training (Pre-defined & Custom Training Modules - both text and video-based)
  • Manager to Agent task-assignment
  • Self task-assignment for Agents
  • Goal Tracking & Analytics
  • Content Generation for sharing outside the app. (CBS & LevelUp branded frames for property images to be shared on social media and other avenues)

Other than these features, Team BrainX is now working on Agent Rewards and Recognition functionality that will help the managers drive more results while motivating their agents constructively.


LevelUp Coaching was so successful for Coldwell Banker Select that they decided to market this platform as a product and started pitching it to other real estate organizations. (Of course, upon their wish, we built the multi-tenant functionality to add more than one organization on the platform).

This venture also gained much popularity, and fortunately, a lot of new companies subscribed for LevelUp Coaching due to its fantastic utility. More so, to make the platform more community-friendly, we instigated a new functionality of "Shared Content Library." This library allows organizations to share their exclusive training material with the rest of the community to enhance industry learning and growth.
Overall, LevelUp Coaching was a success for not only its parent company but for the rest of the industry as well.

Tools & Technologies

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Adobe XD
  • Miro
  • ROR

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