Scrowbly saw a market potential for an end-to-end digital deal facilitation platform to safeguard buyers, sellers, and brokers from fraud and non-payment.

The platform was aiming to serve users from 184 countries dealing in 35 different currencies. However, translating such a robust conceptual framework into a user-friendly interface and designing an engaging landing page posed significant challenges.

Scrowbly, then, presented Team BrainX with the chance to address these issues by creating a compelling, intuitive, and secure UI/UX design for their iOS app and landing page for their website.


The main goal for Team BrainX was to make the platform's rich features easily accessible and understandable. In the first meetings with Scrowbly's stakeholders, we received the user persona and journey documents as well as basic wireframes and brand guidelines for the app.

After a few more meetings, it was decided that our UI/UX design team will develop high-fidelity wireframes and create app prototypes based on them. Furthermore, we will carry out usability tests of the different designs to ensure they are simple and intuitive.

Our team experimented with multiple iterations of the brand colors, dedicating ourselves to finding the perfect combination that would seamlessly integrate with the app's design. Eventually, we were successful in meeting the needs and requirements of all the stakeholders.

A similar approach for the landing page was undertaken for their website. Requirements were finalized after a number of meetings between the two teams. While the focus of the landing page was to bring in as many beta testers for their app as possible, before the launch of Scrowbly’s iOS app.



Through iterative design and feedback from Team Scrowbly, our designers were able to finalize the most effective designs for the app’s requirement for user’s ease of access.

Then the BrainX team, including a dedicated project manager, leveraged the power of Miro to create a design that was intuitive, appealing to the eye, and user-friendly.

The final UI/UX design for the iOS app provided users with an intuitive and interactive experience that made it easy to define:

  • Deliverables
  • Payment milestones
  • Proof requirements

Security measures were highlighted to reassure users about the safety of their transactions.

The landing page was designed to clearly outline Scrowbly's unique features and advantages while encouraging potential users to join the waitlist for the beta version.

The single-page website was designed to be engaging and informative, guiding users through Scrowbly's offerings and demonstrating its value proposition effectively.

Other than the money, digital asset and physical product transferring capabilities, some of its salient features include:

  • Will management: Users can add dependents, set will to unlock through multiple options.
  • Dispute management: When a buyer and seller have a dispute over a transaction in the app, the Admin gives them 30 days to resolve the issue themselves. If they can't, the Admin steps in and resolves the dispute by chatting with the users involved.
  • Insurance claim management: It’s integrated with the app's Will Management feature. Users can upload their will and other documents and add beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can then upload the death certificate to view the will and other documents based on the access settings.
  • Business acquisition: Users can acquire businesses of worth over $10M through the app.



Currently, many people have joined their beta testing phase of the iOS app. The platform is optimistic for their app’s launch to be worth the wait.

With beta users signing up from all over the world, Scrowbly is preparing itself to be the next big thing in the escrow-like services providing apps.

Tools & Technologies

  • Adobe XD
  • Miro

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