With constant innovation driving the automotive industry, buying and selling second-hand vehicles often presents a complex crossroads for many.

The used car market is plagued by a process reliant on spreadsheets, handwritten notes, and fragmented information. This not only creates inefficiencies but also hinders transparency and accountability.

Such intricacies necessitated an alternative to the conventional paper-based method. Recognizing the need for a modern solution, BrainX Technologies was contacted to evolve the second-hand car dealership market.

Our team of experts designed and developed a comprehensive Second-Hand Car Dealership app across Android and iOS platforms, enabling seamless tracking of taxes, payments, and stocks through a unified Xero integration platform.



Since it was a clean slate, the BrainX team started with multiple meetings to meticulously understand the project's unique requisites. With a clear requirements blueprint, we seamlessly transitioned into the creative phase, exchanging, refining, and finalizing app designs and prototypes.

Another challenge was to collaborate with the Xero Integration team and get their documentation that was resolved with the cooperation of the client.

As the project gained momentum, the design, mobile app, and web development teams joined heads to make this project successful. The BrainX team developed the product in sprints while adhering to the Agile methodology. Post internal testing, the project was forwarded to the client for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before the final deployment.



Experts at BrainX Technologies, driven by a keen understanding of client's needs, embarked on the mission to craft a seamless platform tailored for second-hand car dealerships. Throughout this venture, the BrainX team prioritized the user experience, security, and convenience of car owners and dealers. While setting the foot right and accomplishing each milestone, we were able to provide the following solutions.

Wide Accessibility:  Developed and deployed an Android app in Kotlin, and an iOS app in Swift, for buying, selling, and exchanging second-hand vehicles, owner subscriptions, and stock checks.
Owner Dashboard:  The BrainX team constructed a user-friendly Admin Portal using the ROR tech stack for owners to log/sign in and keep track of the store details, current subscriptions, and billing information.
Unified Transactions: We designed a hierarchical system enabling companies to purchase app access for employees, enabling collaboration and consolidated record-keeping.
Effortless Account Management: Xero integration in the apps enabled effortless management of all account operations such as saving the purchased car detail, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive and secure user experience.
Hassle-Free In-App Purchases : BrainX experts integrated RevenueCat for seamless in-app purchases, enhancing user convenience and experience.



The solutions implemented for the Second Hand Car Dealership project aligned with the client’s strategic vision of guaranteeing data security, operational efficiency, and user convenience.

Hence, it had the following profound impacts:

  • Users can now easily track revenue and manage employee records with an admin dashboard.
  • The Second Hand Car Dealership app is getting popular among iOS users and, with the release of its Android counterpart, the total number of app users is set to increase.
  • The integration of RevenueCat for in-app transactions benefitted in maintaining the confidentiality of payment history and a secure gateway for payments.
  • Owners, dealers, and employees can now collaborate effectively with a Xero account, automating tasks and providing real-time insights.

Tools & Technologies

  • IOS
  • Figma
  • Git
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ROR

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