Unifying farmers and buyers is a crucial challenge in the agricultural sector. Small-scale farmers often lack access to fair market prices and efficient distribution channels, while buyers struggle to find reliable, high-quality organic product sellers.

To address this issue, the client approached BrainX Technologies. The iinputs team identified a big market gap in the agriculture sector & contacted BrainX to build a national tendering marketplace for connecting farmers directly with potential buyers, empowering both parties and disrupting the traditional agricultural supply chain.



BrainX Technologies adopted the Agile methodology while proceeding with a collaborative approach. The initial step involved meetings to gather client needs and to build a backlog. After collecting the requirements, the team worked closely to define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and set project milestones. The third step involved creating a high-level technical design and architecture plan for the platforms.

After everything was finalized, the BrainX team subsequently presented everything to the client for rigorous User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Post-validation, the DevOps team seamlessly deployed the iinputs website, ensuring a successful implementation.



Considering the client’s requirements for a national tendering marketplace to connect buyers with suppliers, we created iinputs with a supporting backend. BrainX designed and developed a web and mobile-responsive platform with intuitive interfaces.

Our solution tailored a dynamic National Tendering Marketplace for streamlined trade, addressing key challenges and providing comprehensive portals for buyers and suppliers. We:

  • Engineered an intuitive interface that enables buyers to create tenders effortlessly.
  • Designed a homepage to help track the user counts, transactions, supplier profiles, ratings, and feedback.
  • Streamlined access to draft, active, and completed tenders with clear visibility of bids and quotes.
  • Integrated a centralized messaging system for smooth discussions and timely updates.
  • Introduced a robust notification system along with comprehensive user profiles for enhanced user experience.
  • Built a Dispute resolution feature to resolve disagreements and prevent potential disruptions in ongoing transactions.
  • Added search, filter, and detailed view options for tender listing based on region and status.



Iinputs significantly turned the tides for the farmers' community and started generating revenue in the first year of its launch.

Farmers experienced an average increase in their income due to fairer pricing and reduced commission fees.

While buyers gained access to a broader range of fresh, locally sourced products. The platform generated new jobs in rural communities, supporting local economies.

Tools & Technologies

  • Figma
  • ReactJS
  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • Git
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AWS

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